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Publishing scientific papers and recommendations is a core activity for the ESOT community.

  • It is not only extending donor criteria: it is extending the donor pool. A cross-sectional survey from the European Society of Organ Transplantation
    First published: 02 February 2021 Transplant International PubMed
  • Consensus statement on normothermic regional perfusion in donation after circulatory death: report from the European Society for Organ Transplantation’s Transplantation Learning Journey

    First published: 18 June 2021 Transplant InternationalPubMed
  • Managing immunosuppressive therapy in potentially cured post-kidney transplant cancer (excluding non-melanoma skin cancer): overview of the available evidence and guidance for shared decision making

    First published: 19 June 2021 Transplant International  – PubMed
  • Organ transplants of the future: planning for innovations including xenotransplantation
    First published: 28 August 2021 Transplant InternationalPubMed
  • Building a bridge between patients and transplant healthcare professionals – A descriptive study

    First published: 15 September 2021 Transplant InternationalPubMed
  • A systematic review and meta-analyses of regional perfusion in donation after circulatory death solid organ transplantation

    First published: 27 September 2021 Transplant International PubMed


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