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ESOT works with transplant patient organisations throughout Europe to foster cooperation and dialogue between patients and healthcare professionals, to ensure patient representation and participation in ESOT activities, and to promote health and quality of life among the transplant population.

Our activities aim to achieve these goals and we welcome the contribution and participation of all transplant professionals, patient organisation representatives, and individual patients and caregivers.

The ESOT-ETPO alliance

The ESOT-ETPO (European Transplant Patient Organisations) alliance is a collaborative entity established by the European Society for Organ Transplantation (ESOT) and Transplant Patient Organisations that aims to bring together healthcare professionals and people with transplants.


The mission of the ESOT-ETPO alliance is to promote realistic medicine in organ donation and transplantation. The alliance aims to achieve this by empowering people with transplants, encouraging and facilitating a meaningful dialogue between patients, organ donors and their families, caregivers and transplant professionals to ensure that their views and experiences are represented.

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Spotlight Activity

Watch the ESOT-ETPO alliance Online Symposium from ESOT Congress 2021

Physical activity is an important lifestyle component of long-term health management for people with organ transplants. As part of this year’s Congress, the ESOT-ETPO alliance launched its Online Symposium titled “When every small step is a step forward. Being physically active after solid organ transplantation”. With an expert panel of speakers, including physical therapists and people with transplants, this symposium addresses frequently asked questions within the transplant community regarding organ transplantation and physical activity, as well as creating a platform for patients and professionals to share their insights and experiences.

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We would like to thank our Partners for their ongoing support with our Patient Inclusion Initiative


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WEBINAR: What you need to know about vaccinating your kidney transplanted patients against COVID-19

This educational webinar will discuss the efficacy of current COVID-19 vaccine strategies for transplanted patients. The first talk will focus on the experience with...

October 21, 2021

A Reaffirmation of Organ Donation

International Medical Societies representing Transplantation Professionals across the globe support and nurture diversity and inclusion among their members, fostering education, and stand against any...

September 21, 2021

Joint Statement about Vaccine Efficacy in Organ Transplant Recipients [13 August 2021]

UPDATE on ISHLT/AST Statement on #COVID19 #Vaccine in #SOT Recipients. Based on current evidence, we recommend providing 3rd dose of mRNA vaccine for SOT...

August 16, 2021

Online symposium ESOT ETPO 28th August

Online Symposium at ESOT congress 2021 – Patient inclusion initiative

What do we know about physical activity after solid organ transplantation? What is the patient experience with physical activity? How can one get started...

August 10, 2021

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