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EDTCO aims to support health care professionals to provide clinically effective programmes on organ and tissue donation, procurement and transplantation.

Mission, Targets and Activities of EDTCO

EDTCO aims to support health care professionals to provide clinically effective programmes on organ and tissue donation, procurement and transplantation. In particular, EDTCO intends to contribute to:

  • Increasing organ and tissue availability;
  • Ensuring high quality and safety of organs and tissues intended for transplantation;
  • Optimizing the safety of living donors and care for deceased donors and their relatives;
  • Optimizing potential recipient care and follow-up, from the perspective of clinical coordination.

These specific objectives are to be achieved through supporting and promoting all those professionals involved in the process of organ and tissue donation, clinical coordination and procurement and through helping to establish high professional standards in the field.
All activities to be carried out or disseminated by EDTCO shall comply with recognized international professional and ethical-legal standards.


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Ourย Target
EDTCO serves all those professionals who are directly involved or who have an interest in deceased and living organ and tissue donation, clinical coordination and procurement activities. Target groups include transplant coordinatorsโ€” in the wider sense of the function with their different roles and responsibilities, such as deceased donation, living donation and recipient clinical coordination, pre and post transplantationโ€”, procurement professionals, and related professionals groups.

Our Activities
A number of activities are developed by EDTCO. These include:

  • The European Organ Donation Congress, held every two years in the alternate year to the ESOT congress. The 2014 European Donation Congress, 25th EDTCO, will be held in Budapest (Hungary) from 3-5 October 2014. Please find all details regarding the Congressย by clicking here.
  • The EDTCO Meeting, as part of the ESOT biennial congress, held every two years (the next one to be held in Brussels from 13-16 September 2015).
  • Continuous training and educationย such as workshops and symposia, held periodically. Dedicated workshops on a variety of topics relevant for our professionals will be held as pre-congress educational/training activities. This year the “workshops day” in Budapest will be October 2nd.
  • The certification projects, such as the Certification of European Transplant Coordinatorsย (CETC)ย developed under the auspices of the UEMS. Examinations for the CETC are carried out annually either during the European Organ Donation Congress or during the ESOT biennial Congress.
  • The Section is working on the development of a professional platform and network and investing in professional representation and collaboration to develop international professional guidelines.
  • Collaboration with other professional organizations that shared common interests with former ETCO and EDC will be maintained, such as with ABTC, AOPO, ATCA, EATB, ESICM, ESS, ITNS, JATCO, NATCO and PICS.
  • EDTCOย  has an official journal, Organs, Tissues & Cells,ย a unique tool for publishing relevant research in the field of donation and procurement and for communication. Organs, Tissues & Cells is now embarked in the process of indexation and is available in both hard copy and paperless versions.

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