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ECTTA is the forum for experience exchange on treatment of patients with end-stage heart and lung failure. Our aim is to improve outcomes for the patients.

Our ambition is to become a gathering home to foster scientific growth, exchange programs, collaborative projects and funding opportunities dedicated to European heart and lung transplantation programs.

@gabriel_oniscu @DrDEMartin @ESOTtransplant @devisomey @mnaesens @Olivier_Thaunat @dr_JelaS @ekaterine1973 @ninapilat @AnnaAustrie @frank_dor @ClatworthyLab @Paulo_MartinsMD @rajthur @ChloeTpmDti @mkwillicombe Sometimes I try to figure out how lucky I was to meet @ESOTtransplant and enter such a fantastic group!

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Podcast on ESOT Congress 2021

NEW! ESOT Congress 2021 podcast featuring Maria Rosa Costanzo

“Although the heart is essentially a pump, most of us believe that it is the seat of our essence, our personality and our feelings”...

June 24, 2021 | Congress | General | Heart

ECTTA Call for Nominations

We would like to announce a call for nominations for five new Board members.  All ESOT/ ECTTA affiliates are welcome to send applications for...

April 19, 2021 | General | Heart | Lung

ESOT multi-organ registry

On March 5th 2021, ESOT opened a tender for a technical provider that will build the multi-organ registry. ESOT is seeking the support of...

March 5, 2021 | Heart | Intestine | Islets | Kidney | Liver | Lung | Non-organ specific | Organ donation | Pancreas | Patients | Transplant coordination